Monday, 15 November 2010

Channel 4 Competitions

So whilst I scoff the last chocolate cake from our tin (I know you think I'm evil for doing this, but I am cooking another batch of plain sponge as I type) let me tell you about todays competition offering.  Those of you who know me, will know I like to tinker with house design ideas, even though I never have the time or money to put them into practice, so todays competition will just help me dream a little more! it's to win the grand designs 3d software package :-) so I can plan extensions and re models galore, whilst not actually costing myself or my beloved a penny!!  You never know, this design tool could come in useful for friends and family too, as seeing what things look like in 3D can spur you onto make those house change decisions that you'd otherwise ignore, and you get a better place to live in whilst your at it too :-) (although it may cost you a bit in the short term, lalalala, not listening in fantasy land!)

I also found on that webiste the True Blood competition which closes on the 18th! they're looking for photos of people as Vampires! (moi do a thing like that) they want you and your fangs, so if you fancy going for it, get UPLOADING your photos fast!

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