Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gadget Show

Well the lovely Gadget Show sent me another text to win some of their lovely prizes, so hey, I did it, after all my mini winning challenge blog is only up till Xmas anyway, so what's £1.50 to enter once every few weeks between now and then? what! do I hear you cry, that's a loaf of bread and some change, or 3 pints of milk, yessss I know, but what about all those lovely gadgets I may very vaguely stand a chance of winning......well a girls gotta do something whilst waiting for a delivery of boxes to box the house into (and believe you me, I'd rather be at work doing the accounts, you wouldn't believe how far behind I am on that! and end of month and year is looming with associated VAT returns to do.....gah.....) total irony that I can't even use the time to box the house, as I'm waiting for them to be delivered......

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