Monday, 27 June 2011

Recent Win!

Well it seems I just don't have much time for this blogging lark this year! although I can now proudly boast, half a newly felted roof, just awaiting new tiles and a velux window or two! and a hole in the ground where our new patio will go, currently holding a fair few old roof tiles! recycle folks!

I managed an astounding win on Saturday, well actually 3, as I won two bottles of wine on the tombola at the school summer fair, followed by a yellow wheelbarrow in the raffle....Yes, you heard right a yellow wheelbarrow....I had just remarked to the PCSO standing near me that I didn't want to win the wheelbarrow and they called my name, much to our amusement (I've already got one!) so now I have two?!?!?! I'm sure it'll come in useful sometime?  Anyway bearing this in mind, I'd just like to say I really, really don't want to win the Euromillions tomorrow, I can't possibly imagine how I can spend 117 million....'walks away whistling'

I also trumped Leahs recent win of Mozzie Guard with the wheel barrow, defo not the best things we're winning, but at least we are! roll on tomorrow, I'd honestly have a hard time spending 117 million, hello Jimmy Choo!