Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Apparently not...

Well seems like I ground to a rapid halt after yelling I'm back, wayyyyyy back in Feb!
To be honest I've been busy working, doing the real life slog of running our comic and games store every day business, whilst dealing with the up heaval of sorting the remainder of the house out, doing the smallest childs birthday and then starting to sort the garden out, especially with the Wonderful weather we had back in April!
I did go on one small jolly to Birmingham NEC though, courtesy of a win by Leah at work, as she's been inspired by my competition entries and has done a few of her own.  The result was a day at The Parelli Horse of the Year Show, which was all about flogging the unsuspecting horse owner, horse and rider psychology books and practices for a pricely sum, whilst getting caught up in the fervour of the day.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good show, lots of interesting horses and techniques, but boy, we're they on a sales pitch, kerching, was the main theme running through my cynical old head.  I had to snigger when one lady we talked to in the dinner que asked me 'Are you Parelli' erm no, sorry, I'm here on a freebie (no doubt with a few others, whom they were trying to convert to Parelli) slight hitch though, I don't have a horse and even if I did, I'm sure I could apply a lot of the techniques they were using myself, after all psychology is about understanding why someone person or animal is doing something, once you realise that, you can deal with it, right......Still it was an amusing day out and hat's off to the management team there for developing yet another way to make money out of people, the head guy was one hell of a sales man/ showman (ex rodeo rider) and if you wanna learn to sell, take a leaf from the Americans.
Anyway I will return soonish with a competition or two I promise!

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