Thursday, 30 September 2010

It's a late one!

A rather late post from me today, but I think I've just about managed to post on Thursday!
I've found the Oasis drinks competition today! I'd kind of noticed the adverts for it on TV, but to be honest hadn't paid much attention.  Today however as I've been stuck at work all day, I've been in need of a drink or two, thus Oasis was the beverage of choice and that was when I noticed the competition! It was a text one, so has probably cost me a £1 or so to enter, the winner (s) (per day apparently) get to do something funky for lunch, like go tightrope walking, or tank driving! apparently today was the last day to enter this part of the prize, if I'm reading the small print correctly, however there's a bonus draw get £100 to spend on lunch for the winner and a friend which is drawn way later in the year, looks like there may even be a further additional prize too, but to be honest the small print is hurting my eyes (it's that small) so hey, I've entered and if nothing else I may win a bottle of juice.

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