Friday, 1 October 2010

It's a WIN!! Ford Test Drive Day

I'm having my fair share of good luck at the moment, as I've won my 2nd competition with Ford this year! courtesy of mumsnet competitions again! so I can highly recommend that site for a good win ratio! (so that's one win in Sept and one win in Oct, not a bad average for me eh?)

I get to play at Donnington Race Track for a day :-)  yeeeeee haaaaaaa!
There's a list of what's included in the day below:

~ Ford Ranger off road - an instructor will teach you the skills to handle off road driving, with the chance to drive a Ford Ranger 4x4
~ Safety and technology update - you'll be shown all about Ford cars, including how to safely fit car seats, details on driving technology and using convenience features
~ Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) demonstration - you can test the effectiveness of our braking systems whilst tackling different road trials
~ Hot laps - a professional instructor will take you on a high speed lap in a Focus RS (Europe's fastest production car) - helmets are provided!!
~ Road test - see what you think about the new S-MAX, new Galaxy and latest Mondeo by putting them through their paces on the roads surrounding Donington Park

I think the highlight will be the lap in the Focus RS to be honest, I can't wait to get my hands on that! in a STIG stylie! (what's the betting I'm crap!) Apparently it's all being filmed for Ford use too 'gwer' could be interesting!

I do get to take a partner on this one, but sadly my other half and I both work together, and only one of us can afford to be off work at a time at the moment, so I may be taking my dad instead (who is very excited at the idea, I'm just waiting to find out if he's young enough to be allowed to go, at 68....) TBA, I'll have a very happy dad if he can come!

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