Thursday, 11 November 2010

Naughty Me!

Yikes forgot to post yesterday, 'muppet' dunno what I was busy doing though? anyway on with the blog!

Todays competition is Sainsburys Magazines monthly jolly for a total of 6 items this month, pots n pans, jewllery, smellies, glasses and a stay at Riber Hall (it's only down the road as well!)
text SB12 followed by a space, your name, address and tel no to 85088 and it could all be yours!!
I'll post a double competition tomorrow to make up for missing yesterday, which incidently I didn't as far as competitions go, I have entered one, I'm just out of time to tell you about it now, as have a friend popping in! hurrah for an evening of company other than just the internet, or the dulcet sounds of poor A snoring as he's shattered and inevitably fallen asleep on the sofa.

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