Saturday, 20 November 2010

Wanna win some wellies???

Ok, sorry I'm not doing good at blogging this week, I thought I'd blogged on Thurs and not Fri, but appears I blogged last on Wed, which is not good!
The reason for my failings are to do with us trying to sort out moving house, you'll be pleased to know as we are too that it's all slowly coming together, but I'll have proper confirmation of what's happening on Monday!

Meanwhile I've found a lovely competition to enter on Clover - yep that's the buttery/margarine stuff, that's churned like butter - but half the fat!! They're giving away a family set of hunter wellies, and seeing as we're moving to what could be construed as Hunter Wellies territory (a village! although it's barely in the countryside anymore if the city next door get's its way that green belt will be gone....) I thought we'd better try and win some! so if you fancy joining me, you need the pack code from the front of your pack of clover and  The draw is happening every sunday until end of Nov, and then anothe final draw in Feb! go for it (if it snows this winter you may need them where ever you are!)

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