Monday, 25 October 2010

Omg! no post since last Wed!!

Total fail on the blog every day thing well, what can I say....the facts here I'm afraid speak for themselves.....we lost our lovely black cat with the question mark tail, Loki to car last week, we found out on Thursday morning, so you could say my mind was elsewhere for the remainder of the week :-(  We've buried the poor mite, under a bush in the back garden and popped a few bulbs in around him, he's sorely missed.
I also had Harvest Festival to contend with, which involved quite a bit of cake baking and icing, as Apryl was away, so I felt I had to do my bit!
Thus the competitions have been a bit lax for the two days at the end of last week, I hope you can forgive my mind being elsewhere.
I've kicked off this week, with a silly one and two really, I stand no chance what so ever and to be honest, I shouldn't  have even have bothered with either of them!  I did the National Lottery for the 1st time in at least a year on Saturday night, with the spectacular fail of not one single number coming up!!! so I pushed the boat out last night (Sunday) and did the X-Factory competition as well (why did I just throw money at ITV/Cowell, like he's not got enough cash?) so I hope that covers the two competitions I missed at the end of last week and so onto today.....I've entered a comp to win £500 in Co-Op Vouchers, all for telling Co-Op what I think of and what I do and don't know about some of their services.  Wish me luck!

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