Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Snot and everything after

So now I'm upto my eyeballs in snot, or so it seems, when I really should be getting on with some quality competition entering! however dear blog followers I have failed.
Illness got the better of one of our managers yesterday, so I had to go and cover her shift, which kinda worked and kinda didn't as I couldn't get childcare for the whole night, so I ended up cancelling some of the work related events and closing the store earlier that we would have liked, so I could go and get the kids - the perils of self no blogging or competitions for me yesterday.

Today however I did manage a comp! an easy one really, the new sainsburys mag is out, so I've entered their SB11 one, to win all the groovy stuff on the back page, whilst also giving to their nominated charity of the month :-)  Who this month are Phab, a social inclusion and tolerance group for young adults with mixed abilities over in Birmingham .  As usual if you fancy entering text SB11 followed by a space, your name, address and tel no to 85088.

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