Monday, 4 October 2010

Weekend off/Todays competition

As weekends are a cross between work and family time (when we can grab it) I've decided not to blog on them! (also it gives me two days off trying to win things! I'm coping out already eh?) as it is we worked all day Saturday, then retrieved the kids from Grans and spent Sunday chilling out, recovering from a bonkers week, only for it all to start again today! (of course it bucketed it down with rain all day Sunday, so imagine my surprise when Walkers Crisps informed me that I'd not won £10, as it hadn't rained on my square in Wales - travesty!)
Todays competition is a local one courtesy of our county council! I have taken my used batteries into our local library and filled out a voucher (and had to borrow an item, which involved me registering to use the library too!) but it's meant that I'm now entered into the competition to win some AA Batteries and a Charger for them, which surely will be useful :-)

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